Dendroctonus pseudotsugae

Dendroctonus pseudotsugae

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* Beetles!
* Website redesign
* Fraser Highway widening
* Parking on 100th Avenue
* Crosswalk on Green Timbers Way discussion
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Minutes of the March 12, 2015 Board of Directors meeting — Download the pdf report here ( . Depending on your email software you may be asked to save the file or open it in a web browser. The minutes are always an entertaining and informative read, and the most complete way to to stay informed on issues affecting the Green Timbers Urban Forest.

** Douglas Fir Beetle problems:
———————————————————— gave presentation on the Douglas Fir bark beetle (Dendroctonus pseudotsugae ( ), a natural beetle which isn’t normally a concern, but the trees in between 144-148 between 96 and 92 Ave. are a bit stressed out this time of year because of the high water level. There are lots in Sunnyside Acres too because of root rot.

There’s a treatment with pheromes, in “little bubble things”. It fools the bugs into thinking the trees are already full of bugs. It’s an antiaggregate pheremone. The beetles are 4.4-7mm. This treatment has been done at Sunnyside twice, with success, and although it discourages the beetles, it doesn’t appear to discourage people.

The beetles are spreading to healthy trees.

It attacks the Douglas Fir, and sometimes Larch, but we don’t have those here. The City would like to get the pheromones out in the next few weeks. Nadia has ordered 30 baits that will be enough for Sunnyside and Green Timbers.

Jim thinks the beetles are rampant: many of the trees he’s seen lately have lots of woodpecker holes and running sap.

Nadia said we’ll never get rid of them, but we can control them.

Nadia proposed treating the areas they know have them, and then they’ll check out where Jim thought there might be more. The plastic bubble containers would be removed in the Fall, and the bugs checked next year.

According to the BC Ministry of Forests’ brochure, downed Douglas Fir debris is a haven for the beetles, and so should not be left on the forest floor.

After some discussion GTHS advocates that in the future that when contractors remove Douglas Fir trees they must remove the tree and biologically destroy it as per the BC Ministry of Forests recommendations.

** Marketing / Website:

1504-Websiteworking design We are doing a refresh on the website. Besides updating the look and content we’ll be making it responsive so it looks good on mobile devices.

** Fraser Highway widening:

Our latest meeting with Engineering was on March 5th. We had gone into the meeting anticipating bickering over the proposed land swap. Instead the City wanted to hear the concerns we had collected from our members and interested members of the public.

We also have a clearer idea of the process now. Engineering would like to address the concerns we raised with your feedback. They’ll then commission a plan which they’ll present to Council. There will then be hearings before any widening takes place.

** Parking at 100th Ave:

A member had noticed parking tickets on cars parked on 100th Avenue when the parking lot there overflows. There is no signage on the road about no parking. There was a suggestion at our March meeting that there could be signage advertising the additional parking at the Nature Centre.

Jim mentioned that at the previous GT Advisory Committee they had agreed to meet at the lot and look at the crosswalk on Green Timbers Way too. With a bit of work about seven extra spaces could be created inside and another four outside through painting lines, straightening swails, and re-arranging boulders.

** Crosswalk at Green Timbers Way close to 96 Ave discussion:

The City is concerned that cars coming from 96 Ave might hit kids going from the Nature Centre to the lake. The proposed plan was to reroute the path to the corner of Green Timbers Way and 96 Ave. The alternative is to put up a “kids crossing” sign at the entrance of Green Timbers Way.

** SNAP 2015 Updates:

The hiring process is almost finished. There were over 200 applicants, an indicator that we are popular and well-known. Applicants came from across Canada. Stephen interviewed 21 or 22 students. All the positions are pretty much filled. Six people will be on habitat restoration, five on environmental outreach.

SNAP will start May 4, with the team leaders. The SNAP welcome breakfast will be around May 13, with the partner park tours around that time too.

Stephen’s work is moving into work planning and grant applications, including one to MEC for an advocacy and awareness grant. He’s proposing a Green Timbers Lake Stewardship Project: litter picking, removing invasives, setting up tents for education and removing fish hooks.

Other work in GT: canvassing in the north section educating the public about peeling bark, dumping etc.

This is SNAP’s 15th year, so something will be planned, perhaps a BBQ at the lake with MPs, MLAs etc. SHARP, a similar program, is celebrating its 20th year. They’re updating their logo, and there’s an opportunity to update SNAP’s logo too.

** Party for the Planet:

April 25, 10-4 at Surrey Centre. Everyone is encouraged to drop by or help out.

** Other:

Statue: Susan had been in touch with an artist in Abbotsford who works in steel. Deanna and Susan will work at getting out there.

Shovel plaque design: Colleen was going to ask the museum and archives for permission; but she’s now out of the country.

Surrey Stories Page: Jim will do something on the erratic ( behind the RCMP building.

Centennial Cemetery tree: it was 140 years old and 1.5 m wide when cut down. It was a Douglas Fir. Watch out for beetles!

There’s lots of garbage in GT. There were also five fire spots, possibly for burning the plastic off wire.

The old power lines have been removed from by the Garry Oaks.

Interested in attending or helping out? Our next meeting is Thursday, April 9 at 7 pm at the Surrey Nature Centre, 14225 Green Timbers Way.


** Things you can do to help

What’s your opinion on the proposed Fraser Highway widening? What do you think? Please reply to ( .

Don’t be shy! Email your photos of Green Timbers to ( , or post them on the Green Timbers Facebook page ( .

If you’re interested in helping protect this area, working with interesting people or just helping out occasionally send us an email: ( .



** Interesting links
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