The Green Timbers Heritage Society exists to protect, preserve and promote the Green Timbers Urban Forest. We accomplish this through:

The Surrey Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP):

Affectionately called SNAP, this annual program is a partnership between the Green Timbers Heritage Society, the City of Surrey, and two other environmental groups, Sunnyside Acres Historical Society and the White Rock and Surrey Naturalists.

The SNAP teams employ youths during the summer months for habitat restoration and community education. Please see or their dedicated website for more detailed information.

Events in Surrey:

Whether it’s the Party for the Planet or Ocean Days, The Green Timbers Heritage Society attends environmentally-focused events with information and trail maps about this urban forest jewel. Look for our banner!

The Green Timbers Urban Forest Advisory Committee:

One of the results of the referendums was the creation of the Green Timbers Urban Forest Advisory Committee. The committee meets several times a year to discuss issues affecting the forest. Members of the Green Timbers Heritage Society participate with enthusiasm.

Guided walks and reporting:

When possible the society tries to have people available to give tours and speak about the history and ecological importance of the forest. We also act as extra eyes for the City’s Parks department, looking and reporting campsites, dumping or unauthorized wire reclamation.

The Society is always looking for people to help out with our mission. If you enjoy this environmental treasure in the heart of Surrey consider giving back through volunteering in some way! Sign up for our newsletter (below) or send an email to

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