Fraser Highway widening

//Fraser Highway widening

Fraser Highway widening

The City of Surrey is planning to widen Fraser Highway through the Green Timbers Urban Forest, starting in 2017.

The nine-page Corporate Report from Engineering and Parks to City Council is here:

Here are a few articles online:

From the CBC:

The Surrey Leader: Protecting Paradise:

The Surrey Now: (on the home page this article is next to a story about Delta planting 1,500 trees).

The Surrey Now:


Global TV:

Are you concerned?

Your voice does matter. Call or send an email to your councillors:

Barbara Steele Councillor (604) 591-4623
Bruce Hayne Councillor (604) 591-4025
David Woods Councillor (604) 591-4349
Judy Villeneuve Councillor (604) 591-4625
Mary Martin Councillor (604) 591-4622
Michael Starchuk Councillor (604) 591-4346
Tom Gill Councillor (604) 591-4634
Linda Hepner Mayor (604) 591-4126


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Contact us at if you’d like to get involved.

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