Salal – Ericales Ericaceae Gaultheria shallon


Identification & Description:
This plant that can be upright or ground crawling, grows from 0.2 to 5 metres in height; it can be sparse or form dense barrier almost impossible to penetrate.
– salal, spreads by suckering layer upon layer
– is probably the most dominant shrub in the BC coastal forest area

– spoon shaped and pointed, 2 to 4 inches long
– shiny dark green, leathery and tough
– finely toothed edges
– evergreen

– bell shaped hanging like necklace beads along the end of the twigs; they all face downwards
– pinkish or white
– bloom from May to July
– 7-10 mm. long, can be larger at the end of the branch (up to 15 mm.)

– black, reddish-blue or dark purple ‘berries’ 6-10 mm. long; somewhat hairy

– sea level to mid elevations
– coniferous coastal forests sometimes around Kootenay Lake in southeastern BC