Falsebox – Celastrales Celastraceae Pachistima myrsinites

Identification & Description:
Falsebox is a low growing, evergreen shrub that may reach 3 feet in height. It has many branches that are lined with small oval leaves with serrated edges. The flowers are tiny, reddish to purple and form very small clusters at the leaf bases. Falsebox grows from sea level to over 6000 feet in elevation. It grows in both shade and sun and prefers well drained soils.

Wildlife uses:
Falsebox is a small, diminutive shrub, but it is browsed by most big game animals, including deer, elk, moose, and mountain sheep. Grouse also eat the leaves and tiny seeds.

Reclamation uses:
Falsebox will add diversity to any reclaimed habitat project. It is a unique plant and is a valuable food for big game animals

Backyard uses:
Falsebox would make a great small hedge plant, similar to boxwood. It is very drought resistant once established and will not get out of control. It takes will to trimming and shapes easily. The branches make for great greenery in cut flower arrangements.

Mountains of the western North America, British Columbia to northern Mexico

Growth Habits:
Low growing evergreen shrub, slow growing to 4 feet tall (1.2 m), 3 to 5 inches spread (8-12 cm) or more; glossy dark green leaves, 0.32 to 1.6 inch long (8-40 mm)

Watering Needs:
Prefers moist, but well-drained soils. Tolerates alkaline soils