Green Timbers Heritage Society Meeting Minutes: March 14, 2023

The Green Timbers Heritage Society held its regular meeting on March 14, 2023, via Google Meet.



AGM Report:

The AGM report discussed several topics, including the naming of the skytrain station at 140th Street, and wires running along Fraser Highway. The report also touched on the issue of canopy cover and how it is measured, as well as the challenges of planting trees on public lands such as boulevards. Directors were elected.



Hailey Moran reported on SNAP (Surrey’s Natural Areas Partnership) and the hiring of 12 staff, 9 in-field, and 3 outreach. The team is working on onboarding and is waiting for CSJ funding and Young Canada Works. Hailey also discussed the SNAP workplace manual and the strategic communication course that she took, which has lessons that can be applied to SNAP.



The society discussed the need to pay WCB expenses and budgeted it through SNAP.



Eleven new members joined the society, and a postcard was printed and mailed out to a little over 10,000 households. The total cost was around $3,300, including printing and mail-out. The society agreed to send out a welcome email, explain how to get their totes, and list upcoming walks and meetings.



The society plans to schedule walks for April-June or July and set up advertising, post on the website, and coordinate with Hailey for the Environmental Extravaganza event on May 13, 2023.



The society had a big success with totes and magnets.


Projects for this term:

Allison will chip away at website ideas, Nick is working on a letter to the city about returning unused roadways to parks, Jim plans to make a heritage site out of King-Ferris rail line along 140th between Fraser Highway and 96th, and Dave  is interested in helping out with membership.


New Business:

Don Schuetze was elected President, Nathan Evans as Treasurer, and Nick McMahon as Secretary. The society also discussed several random ideas that they can continue to add to, such as Erratics of Surrey, a contest, dog poop bags at entrances, and doing something with the fish people.