Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 12

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Surrey Nature Centre
14225 Green Timbers Way

We’ll gather at 6:30, call to order at 7:00 and wrap up by 8:30 pm
All are welcome, but please RSVP to if you plan on attending.

Society news

SNAP coordinator position We’re in the process of interviewing to hire a coordinator to replace Nathan Ross. We’ll introduce you probably within a few weeks!

Digitization of archives

Amar, Nathan and Don continue to scan over 30 years worth of archived materials so neatly organized by Ellen over the past few years.

Green Timbers Urban Forest Advisory Committee

Deanna, Jim and Bill are our members on this City-created committee. They last met January 14, where there was an update on the beavers by the lake (more on this later), and Bill suggested (with an illustration) an entrance arch where the new path starts at the corner of 140th Street and 100th Avenue. As the City grows this will become a major entry-point to the park.

Destructive beavers update

Humans match wits with industrious rodents 
The story of beavers trying to flood out the forest prompted a small flood of emails from GTHS members and recipients of this email. There were lots of great suggestions. Thanks to everyone who responded.

There are about five of the critters still actively doing what beavers do. Everyone wants to have them there, but ideally without killing all the trees and washing out the trails. There are several long-term options being considered. In the meantime the swale (what I would call a ditch) next to the path was cleaned out to allow water to flow.

Ken Crosby, Surrey’s Natural Areas Coordinator, offered the following update:
“Work was completed just before Christmas.  An excavator was used to remove the buildup of debris.  Three alder trees had to be removed in order to access the debris.  The beavers are still active and we have had to return to the site to install protective fencing around trees and to continue to notch the dam to allow water flow (at a lower frequency of site visits).

As well, the drainage work on the west side of the trail was completed before Christmas.  This work increased the capacity of the swale along the trail so that it can better manage the water from the marsh if it floods again.  Eight trees had to be removed as they were growing within the drainage swale footprint.

We will be planting 22 new trees this winter in GTUF  to compensate for the removal of the 11 alder trees.”

Apply to serve on the City’s Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee

Feeling civic-minded? Love committees? Want to contribute?

The city is looking for people to serve on the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee.

From Steven Pettigrew, Councillor and chair of the committee: “We will also be accepting people on the committee who may not have a strong environmental background but may be strong in business or other areas. This way we can have a balanced committee with input from different views.”

Deadline is February 1, 2019.

Here is the application. Please feel free to apply!