Wetland Plants

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Cat-tail Bulrush

Cat-tail Bulrush - Typhales Typhaceae Typha latifolia Identification & Description: Common cattail has a nearly worldwide distribution. It grows in Africa, Australia, Central America, Great Britain, Eurasia, Japan, New Zealand and North America. It [...]

Scouring Rush

Scouring Rush - Equisetales Equisetaceae Equisetum hyemale Identification & Description: Stem: Erect, evergreen, unbranched or irregularly branched when older, .2 to .75 inch in diameter, hollow, jointed, ridged; ridges with silica deposits. Leaves: Inconspicuous, [...]


Sedge - Cyperales cyperaceae Identification & Description: Sedges make up the family Cyperaceae. Bulrushes belong to the genus Scirpus. The paper reed is classified as Cyperus papyrus. The sedge species used for hay and [...]

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage - Arales Araceae Lysichitum americanum Identification & Description: Skunk Cabbage is a large-leafed plant that grows in wet areas, especially near streams, ponds, marshes, and wet woods. It is easy to recognize, [...]

Slough Rush

Slough Rush - Juncales Juncaceae Juncus effusus Identification & Description: Slough Rush is a name for tall, grasslike plants of various families, many of which have hollow stems. The true rushes belong to the [...]

Water Plantain

Water Plantain - Alismatales Alismataceae Alisma triviale Identification & Description: The water-plantains have small flowers with three petals on greatly branched stems. The two species that grow in Connecticut look very much alike, other [...]