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Bracken Fern

Bracken Fern - Polypodiales Polypodiaceae Pteridium aquilinum         Identification & Description: Bracken is a large fern, sometimes growing over three feet tall. Instead of the usual leaves, ferns have fronds, made [...]

Deer Fern

Deer Fern - Polypodiales Polypodiaceae Blechnum spicant Identification & Description: Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant) Very common understory on upland prairies, less common in forest understory. Two types of fronds occur on these fern. Sterile [...]

Lady Fern

Lady Fern - Polypodiales Polypodiaceae Athyrium filix-femina Identification & Description: Lady Fern is a deciduous, perennial fern about 24 to 36 inches tall. Its light green, lacy leaves are about 24 to 30" long [...]

Licorice Fern

Licorice Fern - Polypodiales Polypodiaceae Polypodium glycyrrhiza Identification & Description: The long, pointed-trangle fronds of this evergreen fern range in size from 10-70cm on average. Its leathery leaves are once pinnately divided, with a [...]

Spiny Wood Fern

Spiny Wood Fern - Dryopteridales Dryopteridaceae Dryopteris expansa Identification & Description: Fronds clustered, erect and spreading to 3 feet tall. Rhizomes stout, ascending to erect, clothed with chaffy, brown scales. Frond stipes scaly at [...]

Sword Fern

Sword Fern - Polypodiales Polypodiaceae Polystichum munitum Identification & Description: If you have ever ventured into the forests of the Pacific Northwest, then you have surely seen the magnificent sword fern. It is so [...]