Twistedstick – Liliales Liliaceae Streptopus amplexifolius

Identification & Description:

This is a herbaceous plant which can reach 60cm in height (24inches). There are usually two or three branches.

The name Twistedstalk refers to the peculiar twist to the flower stalk that is more pronounced in Claspleaf Twistedstalk (S. Amplexifolius). The flower stem in that species curves back under the stem to the underside of the leaf then abruptly turns downward.

Flowers: The flowers have 6 Regular Parts and are up to 1.3cm long (0.5 inches). They are light purple. Blooms first appear in mid spring and continue into early summer. The flowers hang below the stem and do not emerge from the leaf axis as is common. They instead emerge from the stem to the side of the leaf and curve back under the leaf.