Road through Hawthorne Park approved via Alternative Approval Process

Construction will begin in January despite public pressure to drop the project (December 4, 2017)

“He [Pettigrew] speculates that the City of Surrey will likely use the same process with Green Timbers Park, where another road has been slated for construction.”


COLUMN: Next year’s campaign has already begun

Transportation, parkland and the LRT promise to be election issues (Nov. 14, 2017)

“The precedent set by extending 105 Avenue and cutting through a park will be followed if council gets its way and builds a second phase of LRT down Fraser Highway. The Green Timbers forest will be hacked away on each side of Fraser Highway to accommodate the corridor.”


Letter: Join the call for Expo Line to Langley

A letter writer calls for SkyTrain, not light rail. (Nov. 2, 2017)

“This route avoids going through Green Timbers park.”



Skeletal, calloused dog on the mend in Surrey

Eclipse the drool-filled Great Dane was found near Green Timbers Urban Forest on, you guessed it, the day of the eclipse (Aug. 21).


Brian Minter: Green space galore in fast-growing Surrey

Trees in cities affect people of all ages and cultures in a very positive way, and the fast growing city of Surrey is committed to sustaining green resources

… picture of the lake at Green Timbers


Neighbourhood series: Green Timbers

“What is fabulous about the area of Green Timbers is this beautiful park right in the center, Green Timbers Park,” said councillor Vera LeFranc.



Brush fire breaks out in Surrey’s Green Timbers


BUCHOLTZ: With dominance comes arrogance in Surrey

… about Hawthorne Park, but mentions Fraser Highway widening



Grip and grin of Nathan and a large $5,000 novelty cheque from VanCity


Same story in Business in Vancouver July 25 issue (page 29)




LETTERS: Surrey’s history preserved in its heritage trees

Surrey residents write to the editor about Surrey’s heritage trees, Green Timbers Park

Jun 23rd, 2017


BUCHOLTZ: Surrey trees take back seat to growth

Once again, the city is quite ready to sacrifice park land to move traffic

Jun 23rd, 2017