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Casa del Castor, or the beaver house, wedged in by the ice.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 12

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Surrey Nature Centre
14225 Green Timbers Way

We’ll gather at 6:30, call to order at 7:00 and wrap up by 8:30 pm
All are welcome, but please RSVP to info@greentimbers.ca if you plan on attending.

Society news

SNAP coordinator position Please join me in welcoming Shenae Borschneck as our new coordinator. Shenae was a team leader for the last two years, so she’s well-acquainted with the program. She has a lot of energy and it will be exciting to see how she helps the program evolve!

Water main along 148 Street

Coming down the pipe… 
Sorry for the pun.

Metro Vancouver is upgrading an existing water pipe running North/South along 148 Street, on the Eastern edge of Green Timbers.

The Society has had a few meetings with them. The City and Metro Vancouver really have made an effort to minimize and reduce the effects this will have on the forest. For example, the pipe will run down the middle of the road instead of along the side. This also means fewer trees that are already in the road allowance being cut down.

To avoid disturbing birds during nesting season the trees that do have to come down to build valve chambers (big rooms underground) will be removed in the next week or so.

Are we sad that trees have to come down? Absolutely. Is it being done sensitively, with consultation and awareness of effects? Yes. Is it damaging the forest or park? No.

Fact sheet on the project (PDF):

Surrey Nature Centre Plaza

Work is starting on revamping the entrance way and parking

If you’ve ever tried to find a place to park by the Nature Centre on a nice weekend you’ll understand the logic here. It looks to me like the idea is to unify the paved and unpaved parking lots and make the space in front of the Nature Centre less car-o-centric.

Interestingly, the area around the Centre isn’t in the designated Urban Forest. It’s part of the Green Timbers Park, a subtle distinction, but one worth noting.

A few trees (none of them part of the original planting) will be coming down:

  • Five Black Cottonwoods (Populus trichocarpa)
    — anyone with allergies will cheer over this one
  • Two Red Alders (Alnus rubra)
  • Two Western Red Cedars (Thuja plicata)

More trees will be going up later.

People needed… as always!
As always, we’re looking for people to help out with various projects and ideas. Do you have any interests? Let us know! Email us at info@greentimbers.ca.

Tynehead/Anniedale development petition

In Tynehead Regional Park are the headwaters of the Serpentine River, including the Tynehead Fish Hatchery on 96th Avenue.

This area is threatened by an application before City of Surrey for one lot that wants to eliminate a red-coded watercourse around 172nd and 92ave.

Petition here: http://chng.it/xHpW4wXXhQ