Please reply: We need your opinions and thoughts about the report on widening Fraser Highway between 140th and 148th. What do you think? Please reply to greentimberssociety@gmail.com (mailto:greentimberssociety@gmail.com?subject=Fraser%20Highway%20Widening) .

** Newsletter contents:
* AGM minutes
* December minutes
* GTHS directors for 2015
* SNAP planning for 2015
* Fraser Highway widening report
– important information that needs your input.

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* Interesting local environmental/park planning links

** Annual General Meeting minutes
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (November, 2014) — Download the pdf report here (https://www.greentimbers.ca/about-gths/gths-forms/doc_download/47-gths-news-november-2014) . Depending on your email software you may be asked to save the file or open it in a web browser. The minutes are always an entertaining and informative read, and the best way to to stay informed on issues affecting the Green Timbers Urban Forest.

2014 was a busy year in the forest. Here were the topics covered at the Annual General Meeting:
* Review of previous minutes
* Scheduled Tree Risk Assessment & Abatement Program
* Shovel donation
* President’s report
* SNAP report
* Lehmann Grove opening
* The big aerial map for events and displays
* Garry Oak watering
* School District parking lot expansion
* Financial report
* Communications report
* Membership report
* Election of directors for 2015

Download the pdf report here (https://www.greentimbers.ca/about-gths/gths-forms/doc_download/47-gths-news-november-2014)

December meeting summary
The following is a summary of the December 11, 2014 meeting. You can download the complete minutes here (https://www.greentimbers.ca/about-gths/gths-forms/doc_download/48-gths-news-december-2014) .

** Your directors for 2015

Jim Foulkes
President/Forestry Consultant
Stays aware of Forest Activity
Parks/City Liaison
SNAP Contact
Prepares Reports
Attends Environmental Committees (take turns)

Susan Lehmann
Activities Coordinator
Festival Booth Coordinator
Artistry Consultant (Yale Road Sculpture)
Garry Oaks Watering
Attends Environmental Committees

Don Schuetze
Vice President/ Communications Coordinator
Writes Minutes when not chairing
Creates Newsletters
Updates Website
Chairs Meetings
Attends Environmental Committees (take turns)

Deanna Welters
Coordinator – Garry Oaks
Artistry Consultant
Booth Service
Attends Environmental Committees

Ellen Edwards
Past President/Administrator
Coordinates Activities
Prepares Agendas
Writes Minutes when not chairing
Writes Letters
Chairs Meetings
Attends Environmental Committees (take turns)

Peter Maarsman


** SNAP program for 2015
Grant applications for 2015 are underway.

Stephen has organized a meeting on January 13 for all the SNAP partners: Green Timbers Heritage Society, Sunnyside, White Rock Naturalists and the City of Surrey. This will be for strategic planning: what kind of teams will we want, what kind of work, and what kind of geographic distribution.

** Fraser Highway widening report

Please reply: We need your opinions and thoughts about the following report on widening Fraser Highway between 140th and 148th. What do you think? Should we accept the proposed swapping of land without question? Please reply to greentimberssociety@gmail.com (mailto:greentimberssociety@gmail.com?subject=Fraser%20Highway%20widening) .

On December 11 Jim Foulkes presented the City’s proposed plan for widening Fraser Highway. City engineers have met with Green Timbers Heritage Society Directors three times to discuss the widening of Fraser Highway to accommodate four lanes, plus enough space for eventual light rail.

After a brief history of this square mile, now somewhat less, of what was once promised ‘in perpetuity’ by the government of B.C. Jim honed in on how the City would like to proceed.

In brief, the City proposes to relook at the rights of way the City had after the two referendums and do a few land swaps. In return for taking an additional 5.6 acres along Fraser Highway, and the potential for a bit more up 148^th Street, the City would be willing to give up their rights to 12.5 acres along 92 Ave and at the corner of 92 Ave and 148 St.

This is a net gain of 6.9 protected acres.

The proposed width of Fraser Highway will be between 40m and 45m, depending on intersections and proposed light rail stations. It would consist of two car lanes in one direction, room for two rail lines (one in each direction), two car lanes in the other direction, a verge and then a mixed-use trail.

Jim estimates this is the equivalent of 10 lanes. For comparison the Stanley Park causeway (in the news recently because of a controversial proposed widening) is currently 15m wide. The Patullo bridge is 12m wide for four narrow lanes.

It needs to be stated the City has had three meetings with directors of the GTHS, where they have sought input and discussion on the plans, and have tried to find ways to save as many significant trees as possible. The current estimate is 24 trees of significant size (more than 30cm diameter) will have to be felled.

The City would like to come to a shared agreement with the Green Timbers Heritage Society, because there is a lot of pressure to develop plans for light rail along Fraser Highway from King George Station to Langley.

After a lot of debate and discussion the directors could not come to a consensus. It was decided to go to the membership for further input before creating a response.

Please take this opportunity to let us know what you think: greentimberssociety@gmail.com (mailto:greentimberssociety@gmail.com?subject=Fraser%20Highway%20widening) .


** Things you can do to help

Please respond to the above report on Fraser Highway widening. What do you think? Should we accept the proposed swapping of land without question? Please reply to greentimberssociety@gmail.com (mailto:greentimberssociety@gmail.com?subject=Fraser%20Highway%20widening) .

Don’t be shy! Email your photos of Green Timbers to greentimberssociety@gmail.com (mailto:greentimberssociety@gmail.com?subject=Photos%20of%20Green%20Timbers%20Urban%20Forest) , or post them on the Green Timbers Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Timbers-Heritage-Society/156504941140910) .

If you’re interested in helping protect this area, working with interesting people or just helping out occasionally send us an email: greentimberssociety@gmail.com (mailto:greentimberssociety@gmail.com?subject=Photos%20of%20Green%20Timbers%20Urban%20Forest) .


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