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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart - Papaverales Fumariaceae Dicentra eximia Identification & Description Native to Japan, Bleeding Hearts are excellent perennial for the shade garden and they are very attractive with their light transparent green colour, deeply [...]


Bunchberry - Cornales Cornaceae Cornus canadensis       Identification & Description: Bunchberry is an attractive evergreen groundcover, spreading via rhizomatous growth. Bunchberry grows just 3 inches tall and slowly spreads. Found in nature [...]

Common Mullein

Common Mullein - Scrophulariales Scropulariaceae Verbascum thapsus Identification & Description: Common mullein, also known as wooly mullein, velvet dock, flannel leaf, Aaron's rod, torch plant, and miner's candle is a member of the figwort [...]

Coral-root Orchid

Coral-root Orchid - Orchidales Orchidaceae Corallorhiza maculata Identification & Description: Coral-root orchid (Corallorhiza maculata), an interesting mycotrophic wildflower that grows in the shady conifer forests of San Diego County. The stem develops from a [...]


Fireweed - Myrtales Onagraceae Epilobium angustifolium     Identification & Description: Fireweed pinky purple flowers grows from 0.5 to 3 metres in height. Fireweed is usually found in woodland areas that have been cleared [...]


Foamflower - Rosales Saxifragaceae Tiarella cordifolia Identification & Description: An evergreen perennial growing to 0.2m by 0.5m . It is hardy to zone 3. It is in leaf all year, in flower from April [...]


Foxglove - Scrophulariales Scropulariaceae Digitalis purpurea   Identification & Description: Biennial growing to 1.2m by 0.6m . It is not frost tender. It is in flower from June to September, and the seeds ripen [...]

Indian Pipe

Identification & Description: Indian pipe, has no chlorophyll, so it cannot obtain energy from sunlight. Instead, it gets nutrients from organic matter in the soil. Indian Pipe, also known as “Corpse Plant,” is [...]

Rattlesnake Plantain

Rattlesnake Plantain - Orchidales Orchidaceae Goodyera pubescens Identification & Description: Rattlesnake-plantains get their name from their broad, rounded leaves, which are similar in shape to those of plantain, a common lawn weed. They are [...]


Twistedstick - Liliales Liliaceae Streptopus amplexifolius Identification & Description: This is a herbaceous plant which can reach 60cm in height (24inches). There are usually two or three branches. The name Twistedstalk refers to the [...]

Vanilla Leaf

Vanilla Leaf - Ranunculales Berberidaceae Achlys triphylla Identification & Description: Vanilla is an attractive perennial with single, long-petiolate, ternate (3 leaflets) leaves which are fan-shaped with coarsely-toothed leaf edges. The leaf blade is roughly [...]

Wild Lily-of-the-Valley

Wild Lily-of-the-Valley - Liliales Liliaceae Maianthemum dilatatum Identification & Description: Wild Lily-of-the-Valley - "Canada Mayflower" Lily of the Valley is a small plant that gives off a very nice smell. The tradition is: you [...]

Wood (Western) Trillium

Wood (Western) Trillium - Liliales Liliaceae Trillium ovatum       Identification & Description: The trillium is a simple, graceful perennial that is one of the most familiar and beloved of the spring woodland [...]