Are you ready for a new challenge? Do you like nature, trees, and -- most importantly -- people? The Green Timbers Heritage Society is looking for a few people able to take this institution (est. 1989) to the next level with fresh thinking, a positive attitude and an understanding of how to work with volunteers and branches of City government. Ideal for retired people with an interest in preserving natural areas. 

We have several positions opening up in November, 2014:

1.  President: as chair of the organization you will be responsible for the overall direction of the society, be familiar with the history and challenges facing this unique urban forested area, and be willing and able to communicate effectively with different stakeholders. You should be comfortable with email, the phone and meeting people. Time commitment: up to 5 hours a week.

2.  Treasurer: The Green Timbers Heritage Society is involved in the administration of different projects, including the Surrey Natural Areas Partnership (SNAP). The budget is over $150,000. You will be responsible for writing cheques, demanding receipts and keeping the books in order. It helps if you know which side of the ledger credits and debits are. Time commitment: up to 5 hours a month.

3.  Directors-at-large: We're also looking for people to help with other projects. Time commitment: whatever you can give.

If you're interested in education and preserving and enhancing the Green Timbers Urban Forest please send an email to GreenTimbersSociety@gmail.com.

Common Wild Rose

Common Wild Rose - Rosales Rosaceae Rosa acicularis


Identification & Description:
This perennial, shrubby plant has stout and branched stems growing up to 2 meters high, although it does not reach this height in wild lowbush blueberry fields. The upper branches are smooth except for scattered thorns. These thorns are stout, flattened at the base and somewhat curved. The leaves are compound and divided into 7 or 9 dark green, shiny leaflets. The leaflets are oblong (2 to 4 times as long as wide with parallel sides) to oval (often more than half as wide as long), with coarse teeth along the margin. The flowers, with pink petals and many yellow stamens in the centre, are solitary or in small clusters and are 5 to 8 cm in diameter. The plant does not flower in its first year of growth. The fruit is a bright red, many seeded, berry-like rose hip. This plant is extremely variable in all characteristics.

Wild roses grow in pastures, roadsides, and along the heads of salt marshes, among other areas. The petals can be nibbled as a sweet treat, or used to make wine. The rosehips can be used to make jam, or dried and used for tea. They are rich in vitamins E, B, and K.

There are many interesting uses for roses, including medicinal ones: for instance, some Native peoples used the roots and leaves in a spring tonic preparation. The roots are used to treat diarrhea.

Life Cycle
Common wild rose is a long-lived perennial shrub that reproduces by seed as well as from underground rootstocks. Spring regrowth occurs in mid to late May, with the plants producing flowers in July. Seeds are produced in late summer and are dispersed by small mammals, song birds and grouse. The seeds may require a considerable after-ripening period (2 years), but once they germinate, the vigorously growing seedlings produce a large root system. Plants originating from seed generally do not produce flowers and seeds until the second year of growth. Plants originating from the rootstocks may flower and set seed in the first year of growth or wait until the second year.

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Upcoming meetings

Thursday, September 4, 7pm - Board of Directors meeting.    Thursday, November 6, 7pm - Annual General Meeting Read more

World Ocean Day - Jun 8, 2014

June 8 at Blackie SpitWe're looking for volunteers to help staff our boothhttp://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/11253.aspx Read more

Salmon workshop - May, 2014

Salmon workshop - May, 2014

Postponed until May, 2014 Evergreen, a national organization that aims to inspire action to green cities, is organizing an upcoming Salmon in the City Workshop about the importanc... Read more

Party for the Planet - April 26,…

April 26 at City Hall PlazaWe're looking for volunteers to help staff our boothhttp://www.surrey.ca/partyfortheplanet/   Read more

Discovery Days - Mar 26, 2014

March 26 at the Surrey Nature CentreMeet a nature guide who will get you started with your discoveries in the forest.  Create an eco-craft, explore with a scavenger hunt and and le... Read more

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

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Summer 2012 Story

Summer 2012 Story

What happens to blown-over trees?    by Peter Maarsman During the winter and spring, there have been a lot of strong winds which have blown over more trees. I get asked all the tim... Read more

Summer Handout 2012

Summer Handout 2012

Message from the GTHS Past-President, Peter Maarsman What a beautiful time to be in Green Timbers Forest. It is a time of rebirth and there is excitement all over the forest as tr... Read more

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY REQUEST FORM Our Mission Volunteer Resources leads the growth and development of the City of Surrey's volunteer movement by: • Continually ... Read more

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