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Current threats (and one opportunity) for Green Timbers Urban Forest

Here are the current threats (and one opportunity) to the Green Timbers Urban Forest City Council contact information is at the bottom of this article. Council needs your feedback so they can give proper direction to city planners. Green Timbers needs to be seen as a valuable asset to the City, and not something in the [...]

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Fraser Highway widening

The City of Surrey is planning to widen Fraser Highway through the Green Timbers Urban Forest, starting in 2017. The nine-page Corporate Report from Engineering and Parks to City Council is here: Here are a few articles online: From the CBC: The Surrey Leader: Protecting Paradise: The Surrey Now: (on the [...]

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April 2015 update

Dendroctonus pseudotsugae Contents: ———————————————————— * March meeting minutes * Beetles! * Website redesign * Fraser Highway widening * Parking on 100th Avenue * Crosswalk on Green Timbers Way discussion * SNAP planning * Party for the planet event * Other activities * Get involved! * Interesting local environmental/park planning links [...]

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March 2015 update

Fraser Highway In this update: ———————————————————— * February meeting minutes * SNAP planning * Fraser Highway widening * Other activities * Get involved! * Interesting local environmental/park planning links Minutes of the February 4, 2015 Board of Directors meeting — Download the pdf report here ( . Depending on your [...]

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January 2015 Newsletter

———————————————————— Please reply: We need your opinions and thoughts about the report on widening Fraser Highway between 140th and 148th. What do you think? Please reply to ( . ** Newsletter contents: ———————————————————— * AGM minutes * December minutes * GTHS directors for 2015 * SNAP planning for 2015 * Fraser Highway widening report [...]

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National Forest Week in Surrey – Sep 21-27, 2014

National Forest Week in Surrey September 21-27, 2014 Surrey has many forested areas to enjoy, so it's easy to get outside to celebrate this special week. Check out the events at:

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Discovery Days – Mar 26, 2014

March 26 at the Surrey Nature CentreMeet a nature guide who will get you started with your discoveries in the forest.  Create an eco-craft, explore with a scavenger hunt and and learn something new with our interactive Discovery Backpacks. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy your self-guided nature adventure.  Rain or shine.

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Salmon workshop – May, 2014

Postponed until May, 2014 Evergreen, a national organization that aims to inspire action to green cities, is organizing an upcoming Salmon in the City Workshop about the importance of salmon in urban settings.  The workshop will be taking place in Surrey at the City Centre Library on December 11 from 6 to 8:30 pm. It [...]

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Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar – submitted by Peter Maarsman One of the questions we get asked is, “What is the official tree of British Columbia?” Answer:  It is the Western Red Cedar and it will grow for 1,000 years. The Western Red Cedar frequently grows along with Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir. On the North Coast, [...]

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Summer 2012 Story

What happens to blown-over trees?    by Peter Maarsman During the winter and spring, there have been a lot of strong winds which have blown over more trees. I get asked all the time, “What happens to these fallen trees?” Surrey Parks crews take some away to be milled to build bridges and other park facilities, [...]

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Summer Handout 2012

Message from the GTHS Past-President, Peter Maarsman What a beautiful time to be in Green Timbers Forest. It is a time of rebirth and there is excitement all over the forest as trees add their new green foliage, plants and shrubs begin to bloom adding a rainbow of colour to paint the forest. Strange fragrant [...]

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Volunteer Request Form

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY REQUEST FORM Our Mission Volunteer Resources leads the growth and development of the City of Surrey's volunteer movement by: • Continually diversifying the volunteer opportunities available to our community, • Collaborating with our partners to improve current community engagement practices and tools, • Providing training and resources to volunteers and those who work [...]

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